COVID-19 and Supply Chain Disruption: Evidence from Food Markets in India, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 103, Issue 1, 2021 (with Kanika Mahajan)

COVID-19, Fiscal Stimulus and Credit Ratings, Covid Economics, Issue 11, 2020 (with Anuragh Balajee and Gautham Udupa)

Impact of COVID-19 on product availability
Impact of COVID-19 on product availability

Working Papers

Dollar Liquidity, Trade Invoicing, and Real Effects: Evidence from India (with Apoorva Javadekar and Gautham Udupa)

Does Inflation Targeting Help Information Transmission? (with Satadru Das and Jay Surti)

Farm Support and Market Distortion: Evidence from India (with Abhinav Narayanan)

When Does Work-from-Home Work? (with Abhishek Bhatia and Deepa Mani)

Shock Diffusion: Does inter-sectoral network structure matter?

Employment in a Network of Input-output Linkages (with Francois de Soyres and Miguel Z. Anton)

Gains from Agricultural Market Integration: Role and Size of Intermediaries

Household Finance in Developing Countries: The Case of India (with Pawan Gopalakrishnan and S. K. Ritadhi)




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