COVID-19 and Supply Chain Disruption: Evidence from Food Markets in India, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 103, Issue 1, 2021 (with Kanika Mahajan)

COVID-19, Fiscal Stimulus and Credit Ratings, Covid Economics, Issue 11, 2020 (with Anuragh Balajee and Gautham Udupa)

Fiscal Deficit (India)
Fiscal Deficit (India)

Working Papers

Dollar Liquidity, Trade Invoicing, and Real Effects: Evidence from India (with Apoorva Javadekar and Gautham Udupa)

Does Inflation Targeting Help Information Transmission? (with Satadru Das and Jay Surti)

Farm Support and Market Distortion: Evidence from India (with Abhinav Narayanan)

When Does Work-from-Home Work? (with Abhishek Bhatia and Deepa Mani)

Shock Diffusion: Does inter-sectoral network structure matter?

Employment in a Network of Input-output Linkages (with Francois de Soyres and Miguel Z. Anton)

Gains from Agricultural Market Integration: Role and Size of Intermediaries

Household Finance in Developing Countries: The Case of India (with Pawan Gopalakrishnan and S. K. Ritadhi)




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